Ruth Edge and Nick of Thyme

Over the years Ruth is delighted to have had the support of a band of loyal and supportive owners. If you would like to join this great group of people, please email Ruth to discuss the opportunities.

What Ruth’s owners have said about her:

Hugh & Ann Lawson, owner of Mister Maccondy:

“We have known Ruth for many years and have had many horses with her. Our horses have all gone so well, always looked fit and well and were turned out immaculately. Her groundwork is second to none and they (and us) have had the greatest fun. She is probably the most hard working person we have ever met. Her horses always come first and nothing is too much trouble.

“If you want your eventer to maximise on its dressage score…. Ruth is your person.

“If you want your horse looked after in the very best way…. Ruth is your person

“If you want to be kept in touch and informed of progress…. Ruth is your person

“If you want to see your horse improve in every way….Ruth is your person”

Jacqui Fulton, owner of Breight Said Fred:

“Ruth’s attention to detail is first class. She ensures that my horse has the best nutrition, dressage and strength training and we always have a plan which suits both Ruth, myself and Freddie.

“When I took Freddie to Ruth it was with a goal and Ruth has achieved the steps to achieving that goal 100% of the time”.